Research project

Terahertz scanning microscopy for inspection of nanoscale field


Terahertz radiation has become an important diagnostic tool in the development of new technologies. However, the diffraction limit prevents terahertz radiation (? ˜ 0.01–3 mm) from being focused to the nanometre length scale. In response to this challenge, terahertz scanning probe microscopy techniques based on coupling terahertz radiation to subwavelength probes such as sharp tips have been developed. These probes enhance and confine the light, improving the spatial resolution of terahertz experiments by up to six orders of magnitude.

The student is expected to: 1) Build a terahertz near field microscopy achieving few-micrometre spatial resolution using aperture-coupled detectors (and/or tip based) and the existed pulsed terahertz system in our lab. 2) Further study on the basis of the established terahertz microscopy towards nanoscale field (<100 nm) and build a comprehensive terahertz scanning microscopy system. 3) Proceed to nspection and evaluation of nanomaterials using the established system.

Research Field

- Terahertz
- THz
- Microscopy
- Nanoscale

Research Supervisor

Xavier Maldague

Research Environment

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Financial Aid Available by Program of Study

Master's Degree in Physics with thesis

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Milestone Amount
Evaluated activity
Achievement scholarship $1,000 
Total $1,650

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Leadership and Comittment Scholarship (Canadians & permanent residents) $10,000
Citizens of the World Scholarship (International students) $20,000
Mobility Grant for Out-of-Province Internships or Research Visits (in French)
$1,000 to $2,000
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$17,500 to $40,000
Online Directory of Graduate Scholarships (in French)
$500 to $50,000

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Desired Profile

- Physics

Required Documentation

- Cover letter
- Curriculum vitæ
- Student transcript
To submit application the following documents are needed: Motivation letter, Resume, Transcripts.
For additional information contact: Prof. X. Maldague ( or Prof. Hai Zhang ( ).
Final words: Successful applicants will be invited to apply to the Ph.D. diploma in Electrical Engineering of Université Laval.

Application Deadline

December 31, 2022

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