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Offer NumberType of programResearch project or expertiseResearch supervisorResearch environmentDeadline
365153 Master’s Ph.D. Application of Machine Learning Algorithms in Surface Mining Operations Ali Moradi Afrapoli Department of Mining, Metallurgy and Materials Engineering
336036 Master’s Design and implementation of a testing and validation optical phantom device for ocular oximetry Simon Thibault Optical Engineering research lab
440233 Master’s État de santé du sol compacté et son effet sur le microbiome du sol, les émissions de gaz à effet de serre et stockage de carbone du sol Thiago Gumière Faculté des sciences de l'agriculture et de l'alimentation 2023-11-26
440243 Master’s Développement d’un outil de caractérisation moléculaire des fonctionnalités des sols et validation de l’efficacité d’une inoculation adaptée aux sols Thiago Gumière Faculté des sciences de l'agriculture et de l'alimentation 2023-11-26
440291 Master’s Free-range egg production: understanding the risks of pathogen exposure in litter and bioaerosols Paul George Quebec Heart and Lung Institute Research Centre - Université Laval 2023-10-26
345068 Master’s Ph.D. Development of interdisciplinary strategies to prevent long term opioid use in trauma Mélanie Bérubé Laval University Health Centre
439945 Ph.D. Exploring the impact of Bacteriocins on microbiome, resistome , prevalence of Multi-Drug resistant bacteria and shelf-life of poultry carcasses Ismaïl Fliss Université Laval/INAF 2023-10-31
439100 Master’s Ph.D. Pharmacogenomics and precision oncology Chantal Guillemette Research team of the Canada research chair in pharmacogenomics 2024-09-17
429455 Master’s Ph.D. Investigation of alteration of local conformational dynamics through viral fusion protein evolution Sophie Gobeil Institute of integrative biology and systems (IBIS) 2023-12-13
178215 Master’s Ph.D. Ph.D. position in Pharmaceutical Sciences: Androgen metabolism and prostate cancer Olivier Barbier Laboratory of Molecular Pharmacology, Centre de recherche du CHUQ-Faculty of pharmacy, Université Laval, Québec, Canada. 2023-12-15
439048 Master’s Ph.D. Development of mechatronic assistance technologies for adaptation, prevention, and rehabilitation Alexandre Campeau-Lecours Rehabilitation engineering / Biomedical engineering
439052 Master’s Ph.D. Projects in robotics, mechatronics, control, algorithms Alexandre Campeau-Lecours Rehabilitation Engineering Laboratory
387247 Ph.D. Developing Digital Twin Model for Real-Time Anode Baking Furnace Optimization Louis Gosselin REGAL - Aluminium Research Centre, Université Laval
387271 Ph.D. Modeling of Vibro-compaction to Understand How It Affects Green Anode Density Louis Gosselin REGAL - Aluminium Research Centre, Université Laval
312308 Master’s Ph.D. Development of retinal spectrometry for the identification of new early biomarkers of Parkinson's disease Daniel Côté CERVO research Centre
435767 Master’s Ph.D. Obesity: a disease of the nervous system? Alexandre Caron Quebec Heart and Lung Institute 2024-08-30
424134 Master’s Ph.D. Experiments and modeling of complex flows Seyed Mohammad Taghavi Laboratory of Complex Fluids Research
438409 Master’s Ph.D. Clinicopathological studies and brain drug delivery in neurodegenerative diseases Frédéric Calon CHU de Quebec Research Center 2024-09-09
361808 Master’s Ph.D. Influence of biomechanical factors and compensatory motor strategies on joint integrity Katia Turcot Center for Interdisciplinary Research in Rehabilitation and Social Integration
230395 Master’s Ph.D. Plasticity and Motor Control Development Frédéric Bretzner Dr. Frederic Bretzner’s Laboratory, Research Centre, CHUL-CHUQ
352913 Master’s Ph.D. Study on the role of Rho GTPase signaling networks during skin development and tumorigenesis Mélanie Laurin CHU de Québec - Université Laval Research Center
396541 Master’s Ph.D. Inferring parameters in non linear systems of ordinary differential equations Nicolas Doyon Laval University
396560 Master’s Ph.D. Mathematical modelling of the synapse Nicolas Doyon Laval University
431963 Master’s Evaluate growth habitats and historical land use and their effects on urban trees in different neighborhoods of Quebec City Sivajanani Sivarajah The Research Chair on the Urban Tree and its Environment (CRAUM)
431981 Master’s Analyze the potential, develop and create constructed soils (technosols) in urban areas Sivajanani Sivarajah The Research Chair on the Urban Tree and its Environment (CRAUM)
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